Lockport, Illinois Oil Painting

A lovely friend of mine posted a link on Facebook recently of this beautiful oil painting of Ninth Street in Lockport, Illinois. Being a resident of Lockport and loving art, this painting caught my attention. The work was painted by Maggie Capettini and does a great job of capturing the true essence of downtown Lockport. You can almost picture yourself driving down the street looking at the historic buildings while preparing to go over the Ninth Street bridge.  This paining plays a little trick on me. Think of the movie Mary Poppins. Do you remember when Bert draws on the sidewalk with chalk and they jump into his drawing. That is the feeling I get here. It’s as if you could jump right in. 

So why did Maggie Capettini paint a picture of Lockport? Maggie was one of the artists chosen to participate in the Unlock project entitled “Merging Art and Industry in Downtown Lockport”. This project is being led by the Gaylord building along with National Trust for Historic Preservation and is displayed at the Illinois State Museum-Lockport Gallery.  If you see happen to see her painting send her a message on Facebook or e-mail and let her know! 

Maggie grew up spending summer days in a small town in Wisconsin where she spent many days with not much to do other than enjoy the scenery. That sounds heavenly doesn’t it? She took in everything from her surroundings and created beautiful paintings to showcase what she saw. She enjoys painting natural environments. 

If you would like more information about Maggie Capettini you can visit her website here  https://maggiecapettini.com/page/14608/unlock or her Facebook page by clicking here http://www.facebook.com/maggiepaints/