How to keep your house clean when you are trying to sell

Today I’m talking about how to keep your house clean when you are trying to sell.  I’m going to give you a few tips how to keep your house clean when you’re trying to sell. The best thing that we can do is – every day you are going to go into your kitchen and you are going to wipe out your sink . Wipe it out clean. Spray it with some lemon fragrant cleaner. Wipe it out. Keep it very clean. The next tip that I have for you is to clean your bathrooms daily, yes daily. Every time you take a shower you’re going to spray down your bathroom. We want this to look like no one has touched it, so if you do these little things every day and you’re always prepared for a showing it won’t be such a rush or a frustration when last-minute someone says oh by the way I was showing your neighbor’s house can I stop by and see yours – it happens. Being prepared is golden. You want your house to always look like you are ready to go and you are on point.


So number one again we are spraying out our kitchen several times a day if your home or morning before you leave for work after you make dinner spray it out and clean it again. Clean the table, spray down the table. Everything needs to stay perfectly clean, so if you use the kitchen you’re gonna spray it out. In the bathroom every time you take a shower in the morning you are going to clean it. Get that daily shower spray, spray it out. After you brush your teeth in the sink you’re gonna spray the handle, you’re gonna spray the inside of the sink, and wipe down the counter. You can get the bathroom wipes those are great. You can wipe it, put it in the garbage, all done perfect. Looks clean, smells clean, you’re good to go.

The next thing that you’re gonna do is every day you’re going to make your bed. Do you have kids and your kids don’t like to make their beds? I get it! I have kids that don’t like to make their bed either. But this really is super, super important. As a Realtor I have a little program for kids that tries to encourage them to keep the house clean while the home is listed and kind of helps you out in the same sense. So if you have questions about that ask me how I encourage children to help in doing their part in keeping their rooms tidy.

The next thing I’m going to talk about is laundry. Do you have a lot of laundry? Everyone does don’t they? It seems like it never goes away! There is always laundry, but what we don’t want, we don’t want dirty laundry when we’re trying to sell your house. We don’t want clean laundry even sitting in in the dryer. We don’t want it in the washer either. So if you have dirty laundry and obviously if you’re at work I get it there’s sometimes there’s just nothing you can do. But, if you are home I highly recommend you have a to-go bin and if you have dirty laundry or clean laundry you stick it in a bin and you put it in the trunk of your car. When you come home you can take it back out. We don’t want dirty or clean laundry sitting in either our washer dryer or in the bins in our rooms, because sometimes even though we may not notice it other people might notice an odor. Or they’ll just notice the dirty laundry and they have trouble focusing on your actual house and our goal is for them to not notice anything else but actually notice and try to picture themselves in your house.

So let’s recap number one you want to spray your sink out in your kitchen after you use it no matter what time of day it is. If you’ve used the sink spray it out. Clean the kitchen, if you ate something at the table you are going to wipe it clean. Number two you are going to clean your bathroom every day after your shower. You’re going to use the daily shower cleaner and you’re going to use wipes and wipe down the sink the handle the counter-tops. Number three you’re going to make the beds. I know it’s tough but you’re going to do it. Make the beds, it makes a huge difference when someone walks in and the beds made. Number four, you’re not gonna leave that dirty or clean laundry sitting out. That’ll make a huge difference! I hope these tips were helpful for you. I have more helpful tips you can find on my YouTube channel. Click here to get more helpful tips.