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Today I’m talking about Lockport Illinois real estate. What’s happening in the market right now? What’s going to happen in 2019? What was the highest and lowest price sales homes in Lockport Illinois in 2018? I’m talking about it all and I am starting right now. If this is your first time visiting my website my name is Kerri Jonikas and I am a Realtor in Chicago’s southwest suburbs.

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What is going on in Lockport Illinois real estate market right now? Currently we have 63 active listings with 40 listings currently under contract. The average sales price in 2017 was two hundred and twenty six thousand dollars.

In Lockport Illinois in 2018 the average sales price jumped to two hundred and forty nine thousand. That’s roughly a ten percent increase in our sales price. From 2017 to 2018 we had a 5.1 percent increase in our sales price growth.

According to Freddie Mac in 2019 that growth is going to slow a little bit and that’s going to change to about four point three percent. So in 2019 when we’re looking between 2018 and 2019, in 2019, the average sales price will change from two hundred forty nine thousand to approximately two hundred and fifty nine thousand seven hundred seven dollars. That is the four point three percent increase from 2018to 2019.

Now again this is a slower growth than it was from 2017 to 2018 but we are still going to see a growth, which is great news for sellers. Interest rates are also expected to raise to 5.1 percent.

Now let’s look at the lowest price sales in 2018 in Lockport. 314 Dell Park Avenue sold for $41,250. 323 Hughes avenue sold for forty three thousand and 517 Hamilton Avenue sold for 45,000. Now let’s look at the highest price sales in Lockport in 2018. 15310  Oak Run court sold for 499,000. 15235 S. Pantingo Lane sold for 570,000 and 16159 West Red Cloud Drive sold for 641,500.

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