Looking at Homes Online

Have you started to look for homes online? Have you narrowed down your choices? Super excited to get out and start looking at homes??? Why of course! Before you head out…Read and watch these! 




I highly recommend you be keep the information above in mind. It is helpful to drive through an area you are interested in prior to scheduling a showing of the inside. This will help you get a feel for the area (is the subdivision too close to train tracks and trains bothering you, or is it too close to a busy intersection and traffic noise bothers you, etc.) You can save yourself time and frustrations also by having your Realtor look at the homes you have narrowed down before bringing you there. While it is fun to look at homes, over time it can cause frustration and burn out. Allow your agent to work for you and give you all the information you need. They can tell you if the pictures present a true picture of the home. It is possible your agent may have seen the homes you are interested in but keep in mind agents that serve more than one area most likely have not shown every home on your list.

I offer one more consideration. It is a comment I hear all the time, “Wow! This bedroom is small.” The room sizes can be found on the MLS listing that your agent sends to you. Measure your current room sizes and compare them when you are looking at listings. A 10 x 10 room is a smaller room! This can help tremendously when you are viewing homes as you know what to expect. It can also help eliminate properties and save you time and frustration by visiting a home that won’t work for your family. Don’t get distracted by those beautiful pictures. Read the information thoroughly and this will set you up for home buying success.

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