How to fold a fitted sheet easy

Today I’m talking about how to fold a fitted sheet. You know that one that ends up in a crumbled up little ball at the bottom of your linen closet. That’s the one! If this is your first time visiting my website my name is Kerri Jonikas and I’m a Realtor in Chicago southwest suburbs. Please consider subscribing to my blog. Every week I post about all things real estate and homes, and fun things to do in the area.   I wouldn’t want you to miss out on all the valuable information I am going to share. I promise never to spam or sell your information. I am all about helping others! Spread the knowledge.

I first want to tell you all about my very, very favorite sheets. I bought them at Target. The number one reason why I love these sheets is they have a band on the corners that helps the sheets stay on the bed. If you are anything like me and you move around a lot in your sleep then you will want to have these sheets! The second reason I love these sheets is the tag on them that says “Top or bottom.” If you are anything like me you flip your sheets around 15-20 times trying to find the right side to your sheets. Well this cute little tag eliminates all that frustration by making it fool proof. I do not receive any money to talk about these sheets…I just love them and I bet you will too. Try them out! Here is a link to Target’s website.

It’s not the easiest to explain to someone how to fold a fitted sheet easy. So I created a YouTube video to help demonstrate how to do so. You can see this video at the end of the article.

Once you are done folding the sheet properly it ends up looking like  a rectangle nice and flat and it sits very nicely in your linen closet
so you can stack,you know, six or seven of these on top of each other and it looks nice and neat and organized.

When buyers come in to look at your home, if your home is listed, then your linen closet will look nice and organized. They won’t freak out and think oh my gosh I’m not going to have any room to put anything because this person has their stuff shoved everywhere and it must mean that they don’t have any space. So they can feel confident that you have enough space in your house and your house can be nice and organized and no more crumbled up balls of fitted sheets in your linen closet.

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