Know the Signs That Your Loved One Needs You Near

Age can affect your loved one’s mobility and independence, even if they’ve spent all their life being active and self-sufficient. As a relation, you need to look for the signs your loved one is beginning to struggle and intervene by moving closer to the Lockport area. But, where do you start?

Identify Signs Your Loved One Needs You 

Before you uproot your life, evaluate your loved one for signs they’re declining. For instance, look at their house. Has it become dirty, cluttered, or messy? Additionally, consider their appearance. Are they showering and changing their clothes regularly? If they aren’t taking care of their home or themselves, it may be time to move closer and assist. 

Discuss Your Loved One’s Living Situation 

Sit down with your loved one and discuss their current living situation as soon as possible. Ask them if they’re comfortable living alone. Inquire about what aspects of their life they’re struggling with, such as yard work or housekeeping. This is your time to listen actively and gauge the situation accurately. 

Once you understand the situation, ask them if they’re ready to downsize their home. Keep in mind that they may not be ready yet. Therefore, you may need to convince them to find a home better suited for their current needs. 

Finally, talk about your loved one’s options. For instance, they can find a smaller home, choose a retirement community, or move in with you if that’s an option. 

Help Your Loved One Find a New Home

Next, help your loved one find a new home. By helping, you make the process less stressful for your loved one. Keep in mind your loved one’s wants and what you believe is best for their situation.

When comparing, consider that a retirement community offers socialization opportunities, possible activities, and people nearby to assist your loved one. They tend to have a maintenance crew on staff. You can also consider a small apartment or house that requires less care but allows your loved one to be completely independent. 

Fortunately, you may find retirement communities, apartments, and homes for sale or rent online in the Lockport area. Often, you can tour online. However, if you prefer, you and your loved one may tour the homes in person together. As you look at homes, look for ones near plenty of activities close by, and choose one that requires few repairs or renovations and little routine care. 

Find a Home for Yourself 

Consider your living options, which you can also do through an online search. Firstly, create a list of what you want and need in a home.

Additionally, it helps to get preapproval first, so you know how much you can borrow and sellers take you seriously. Lenders use your debt-to-income ratio to determine how much you can afford, which compares how much debt you have along with your mortgage versus your monthly income. 

Relocating Can Work for Everyone

You can have the best of both worlds when you carefully select a house for yourself that meets your needs and you help your loved one find the ideal space for them.  

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Claire Wentz

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