Market Update New Lenox, IL

This week we are taking a closer look at New Lenox, Illinois. Here’s a look at what’s going on in the market in New Lenox. A total of 119 active listings

10 are listed $150,000-$250,000

58 are listed $250,000-$350,000

31 are listed $350,000-$450,000

8 are listed $450,000-$550,000

13 are listed for $550,000+

The average market time from listing to contract is 96-382 days. The higher the price of the home the higher the market time. What does this mean? If your home is listed for $200,000 you will be on the market on average for 3 months before you have an offer on your home. If your home is listed for $500,000 or more you may be on the market for 12 months before you get an offer on your home. But, what does that mean? Why am I telling you this? So you can plan for your move 🙂 No Realtor has a crystal ball that can tell you EXACTLY when your home will sell, however, with the average market times it will give you an idea if you are thinking of selling your home. For example, say your home will potentially be listed between $400-500,000 and if you want to be in a new home by Christmas you will need to have a contract on your home by mid November. This means you will need to have your home on the market by August. However, as the weeks go by the average market time can change. So always check with your Realtor and discuss your goals.



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