Fun things to do in the Chicago area


Today I am talking about fun things to do in the Chicago area and fun things to do in Chicago suburbs. Thanks so much for stopping by. If this is your first time stopping by my website I am a Realtor in Chicago southwest suburbs of Chicago. Every month I like to post a few
events in the local area. My top picks for the area that I have come across and I like to share those. So if you are interested in some monthly events please make sure you subscribe to my blog OR head over to my YouTube channel and subscribe by clicking here. I also post helpful real estate tips if you’re ever looking to buy or sell real estate in the Chicagoland area I would love to be the person to help you.

I have picked a total of five free events and there is one paid event that I have chosen. There’s usually always one that I come across that I think is just super cool and I just have to share it. So the first event that I am going to tell you about starts on October 4th and goes through October 7th, the scarecrow fest in Saint Charles. It is a free event they have arts and crafts, some music, you can make your own scarecrow, there’s a petting zoo and also a carnival. The carnival of course is not free, you do have to pay for that, but what a super cool event . You can view more information about this event by clicking here. 

The next event that I want to tell you about is on October 6th. It is a Fall Fest. The event was originally sponsored by MB Financial Bank however, they may be doing it elsewhere because it is now Sponsored by Parkway Bank. This is a free event. They will have music, bounce houses, face painting, pumpkin painting, and also a petting zoo. For more information you can click here. 

The next one is on October 8th. It is just a free day at the Field Museum. If you are familiar with the Chicagoland area, the museums often have a free day. Not once a month, but every so often they’ll have a free day and October 8th is a free day at the Field Museum. So
if you don’t have a membership to the Field Museum go check it out. 

The next event that I want to tell you about is on October 13th. The first annual heritage village Apple Festival. It is located at the Will County Historical Museum. There will be fun activities such as; a costume parade and bobbing for apples. How cool is that?? You don’t see that often. You don’t see it anymore. You could go and Bob for apples. How do they do that? How do they Bob for apples? I I think I would
put my face in there and then I don’t know, I don’t know what would happen.  I don’t know just seems like it would be very hard to do. Like when you try to bite the apple wouldn’t it roll around in the water.  But how cool is that! Try it out and if you do send me a
picture because I want to see those pictures. They will also have baked goods and apple cider. I love apple cider. Do you like apple cider? I love apple cider! I think it’s delicious! Again this is a free event.They would take donations of course, but it is a free event. How fun is that? For more information about this festival you can click here.

The next one is not a free event but it’s super cool. Well it could be a free event, actually. So it’s on October 20th at the Chicago Botanical Garden in the city of Chicago. It is the spooky pooch parade. Doesn’t this sound super cool? Okay so you dress your dog up and you can take them to the Chicago Botanical Garden and you can have your dog go through the parade or just walk throughout the Botanical
Garden. I think this is going to be super cute. So it’s $15 if you want to bring your dog to the Botanical Garden whether you put your dog in the parade or not you pay $15 to bring your dog in there. If you don’t want to bring your dog and you just want to see all the other super cute dogs wearing their costumes you can go there for free. How cute does this sound? My PUPeroos would look So cute in costumes! Ah too cute!!! If you take your dogs to this and you dress them up please send me pictures, I want to see pictures of this. I think it’s going to be super cute. For more information about this event you can click here.


The last free event that I want to tell you about is at Lincoln Park Zoo. It is their spooky zoo. It’s at October 27th and you can go and trick-or-treat there, they’ll have music and a haunted house, and the kids can wear their costumes, trick-or-treat get candy and go through a costume parade. The only thing I want to warn you is that this is a very big event and they attract about 30,000 plus
kids, so that is a lot of kids. For any of you who may have sensory children, or you just don’t like big crowds, this probably is not the event for you because it’s a very large event, lots of people bumping into each other and there could be a potential bad thing. For more information about this event click here. 


Those are all of my free events for this month. I hope you’ll stay tuned and subscribe to my blog and join me next month when I post more FREE Or CHEAP events in the local area or when I post helpful real estate tips to make you a market expert. 🙂